Apple store ships ridiculous boxes

I recently ordered a backpack from the apple store.  This pack was specifically selected because it was hoped to be light, compact and durable. So imagine my surprise when the delivery guy showed up at my door with a box big enough to hold a baby horse. As I opened it I was trying to figure out what it could [...]

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The best laptop backpack

Whats the absolute best light, sturdy and organized laptop backpack?

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Luggage you can ride: a history of packable scooters.

Wouldn’t it be better if our luggage could carry us? Here are a few options for rideable bags and suitcases.

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Gadgets in the mail June 2014

We’re going to start a new regular feature here – a monthly preview post of some gear we’re going to be reviewing. This is your chance to chime in with any requests to prioritize any of these reviews or ask specific questions or request tests to be included in the review. Here are the items that are currently being shipped [...]

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Jaybird Bluetooth ear bud headphones

These JayBird BlueBuds X Sport Headphones are a miracle of miniaturisation. They are light, compact with comfortable adjustable fit and excellent sound for their size. These are the first ear buds I’ve used that work properly for jogging – apple ear buds always fall out of my ears and an assortment of tighter ear buds always transfered cord noise making [...]

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Tiny Tool: Leatherman Squirt PS4

The Leatherman Squirt PS4 is a very handy compact toolkit that fits easily on a key ring.

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Zite vs. Flipboard – the best news reader app?

  I enjoy a good news reader – ideally something that will bring news sources to me instead of me hunting them down, like an eternally refreshing smart magazine. When I first found Flipboard on my iPhone years ago I remeber being very impressed. The interface was simple and elegant and it would bring together news from all sorts of [...]

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Wake up your android with Gravity Screen.

In that category of apps you never knew you needed: Gravity Screen. When I first heard what this app did I thought it sounded silly. Really? I’m going to save all the effort of pushing the power button on my phone? Yes.  I’m not sure why this is so appealing, but it becomes such a natural part of my phone [...]

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Please Apple, don’t copy the Android power button.
Please keep the power button up top. thanks.

We sure hope Apple doesn’t copy the crappy power button placement of many Android phones.

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iOS: How to upload existing videos to instagram on iphone

We recently looked at whether it was possible to upload a different / existing video file to instagram instead of being limited to using the in app video camera. Turns out you can, but of course the method is different depending on whether your using an iOS device – an iPhone, iPad, etc. or an Android device. So we’ve decided [...]

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