Free domain registration!

Ok, who likes freebies and wants a free domain name? I’ve got a couple of promo codes from the registrar to give away. I’ve used them as a registrar for 10 years now, and am very happy with them. If you want to register a new domain name for free, post your reason in the comment section below and send me an email.

I’ll select a winner by Monday March 22nd 2010 and email you the code. You’ll then have until March 31st to register a domain before the code expires. This code will be good for registering any of the following types of domain: .fr, .tel, .com, .net, .info, .me, .mobi, .uk, .be, .eu
And if you’re wondering what your chances of winning a free domain registration code is, it’s very good.  This site has only been live for about a month now and has barely any readers.  Chances are if you post a reasonably well thought our response in the comment section below, you’ll get a free domain registration code.  Good luck!

Here’s the FAQ for the gandi registration codes.  Entries will be judged on the creativity of comments.


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