Fix Galaxy Note 4 rebooting and freezing problems

Let’s say you’re still rockin’ an old Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Even though it’s getting a bit old in the tooth you like the way it runs. The pressure sensitive stylus is good for drawing and it’s nice to be able to swap out the battery when it runs low and add an SD card for extra storage.  You’re probalby thinking about upgrading, but the newest phones are a few months away and your old phone is working just fine.

…Or at least it was working fine until it started freezing up occasionally. Maybe it wouldn’t turn on right away when you hit the power button or perhaps it would spontaneously reboot occasionally.  Not ideal at all.
If this is happening to your Galaxy Note 4 you either have a software or hardware problem. The first thing you could try is a factory reset, which means you’ll have to back everything up and then flush your phone out and restore.  This is a bit of a hassle, but will solve most software problems.
Unfortunately if you’ve got a hardware problem this won’t help you. But I’m here to give you some good news – you may be able to fix this problem (temporarily at least) with a free app.
I know, I know. I didn’t believe it either, but my phone was freezing up and starting to randomly reboot. First I tried a factory reset, which cleaned up the phone a bit, but didn’t end the rebooting.
Then I found WakeLOCK  All this app does is give you control over the phones power management, but in the case of the Note 4 and random shutdown problems it seems to fix this issue.  The theory is that when the phone goes into power saving mode it loses its ability to come out of it properly and this app prevents the phone to go to full power saving mode. This should mean slightly less battery life over the course of a day, but in my case it’s actually resulted in longer battery life. Your experience might vary, but it’s well worth a try.
All i had to do is install this app and then set it to level 4 “PARTIAL_WAKE_LOCK”.  In my case the phone is back to life and working as I expect it to for the last three days after 3 days of irritating freezing and non-responsive behaviour mixed with random shut downs and reboots.
Find WakeLOCK Power Manager in the app store if this is a problem you’re trying to solve and let us know if you have a similar experience!