ScanSnap scanner gets better, now just works!

One of our most popular posts was about how to use a Fujitsu ScanSnap for windows on your Mac.
In case you don’t know, here was the issue with the ScanSnap: Fujitsu made two different models, a “Mac” version and a “PC” version. The only difference? The colour of the plastic and a chip that said “I’m the mac version” or “I’m the PC version”.

Thats it.

So if you switched from a PC to a Mac (or vice versa) and wanted to use your lovely duplex sheet feed scanner with your new computer you actually had to trick the installer and drivers into working for you with this hack.

But no more!

We’re happy to report that Fujitsu now provides drivers that are OS agnostic for both models, so there should be no tricky work around or hassle. This was reported by reader CKM in the comments section.

If our explorations on how to get your scanner working with your computer helped prompt this change, well I’m happy. Whatever the motivation I’m glad to see that Fujitsu has seen the light and now their hardware ‘just works’.

And speaking of hardware, I still highly recommend the ScanSnap. More than 4 years in mine still works like a champ and has become an indispensable part of my workflow. Isn’t it nice when hardware and software come together?

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