Mad Max Electric Bike

I spotted this on the way to work the other day: a bad-ass home made electric vehicle constructed out of various bicycle and scrap parts.  What I really love is the Rube Goldbergesque powertrain that speaks highly of ‘using what you have available’ instead of buying new parts. Perfect for your post apocalyptic Mad Max style commute.

In case you can’t see it in the pictures, what makes this thing move is two car batteries running through a power inverter to produce 120v wall current which then runs an electric drill which turns the geared assembly to move the wheel.

For some reason I picture the father and son from Cormac McCarthys’ The Road and how much more delightful their travels would have been with something like this.  Just would have needed a way to charge those batteries.
Did you notice that it also comes with it’s own beer cooler?  What else could you possibly need?


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