Mondospider & Titanoboa

I imagine that you are as interested as I am in seeing a gigantic robotic spider meet a gigantic robotic snake (from a safe distance) so here you areMondospider meets Titanoboa.

This video comes courtesy of Johnathon Tippett who designed and built the leg structure on that giant rideable robotic spider. The Titanoboa is partially complete project by eatART, once it’s finished it will be a 50 foot long 1 ton full scale robotic version of the original titanoboa that roamed the earth some 60 million years ago when the temperature was just 6 to 8 degrees hotter than it is today.

It was only at these warmer temperatures which are at the upper end of climate change predictions that the cold blooded beast was able to reach these sizes. Today, as fossilized life is exhumed and burned relentlessly to fuel modern progress, primordial spirits have been stirring. This fossil beast has been brought back to life as a provocative omen on the eve of catastrophe.

How’s that for a discussion starter?
If you like that, you’ll probably also be interested in Jonathon Tippets next project – Prothesis, the Anti-robot.

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