Wake up your android with Gravity Screen.

In that category of apps you never knew you needed: Gravity Screen.

When I first heard what this app did I thought it sounded silly.

Really? I’m going to save all the effort of pushing the power button on my phone?

Yes.  I’m not sure why this is so appealing, but it becomes such a natural part of my phone use that I really miss it when I pick up a different phone. Gravity screen has a number of options, I found the default settings to be not ideal, but it was easy to get it setup the way i wanted.

Gravity screen detects when the phone is turned upside down and the proximity sensor is covered. It becomes a natural move to just slide the phone into your pocket.  When you bring it out it detects the proximity sensor being uncovered and the motion and wakes up the phone.  In my experience this becomes a seamless natural integration into your use of the phone. I also have it set to turn off when set flat on a desk or table.  Waving a hand over the proximity sensor will keep it awake and you can also set it to ignore specific apps (ie ebook readers).
One of my main concerns before I tried this app is how it would affect battery life.  I thought for sure that there would be inefficiencies introduced that would weaken battery life, but I’ve actually found the opposite.  For whatever reason my battery life on the nexus 5 has improved since i started using this app!

I highly reccomend you try Gravity Screen, you may find like me that its one app you don’t want to live without.

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