Fancy new laquered ScanSnap

We’ve got a lot of great response to our write-up on how to make the Windows version of the Fujitsu ScanSnap work on a Mac OS X system.  The Summary: Fujitsu makes a great duplex scanner and then intentionally hobbles it so you can’t use it on both Windows and Mac out of the box, they’d rather you bought two even though the only difference is the color of the plastic case.
Well Fujitsu has responded to your complaints by making a third option for the case: A special design edition of the s1500 and s1300!

The special limited-edition ScanSnap models are decorated using an Urushi lacquer coating and gold decorations. The high-quality lacquer coating is applied using the centuries-old method “Wajima lacquerware” which originated from Ishikawa Prefecture, in Japan, a region renowned for its excellent craftsmanship in traditional Japanese lacquerware and the birthplace of PFU.

You can go get yourself one for only $3,200, or you can enter to win one of 10 in an ‘exceptional lottery’.

No word on whether the special design edition supports Windows and Mac.

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