Agile 1Password vs. Ilium eWallet


I’ve been using eWallet to store sensitive data for years, originally on a PC and a windows smart phone.  When I switched over to the iPhone I was very happy to find that eWallet was available for the iPhone and bought a license to try it out.  Unfortunately at that time there was no OS X version for the desktop which meant I had nothing on my shiny new MacBook to enter data into my eWallet.  This turned out to be a huge drag.  Entering data bit by bit via the iPhone screen is no fun at all, so I started using eWallet less and less.
Recently a coworker introduced me to 1Password as a solution to a different problem: web password management.  I started using this to manage my web logins and then noticed that the functionality doesn’t stop there.  1Password duplicates most of the functionality of eWallet enabling you to securely store credit card and banking info, software install licenses, notes and membership login information.  1Password also has an iPhone app that will sync via wifi to the desktop app, so I’ve regained the convenience of being able to enter information on a proper keyboard and have it available on my laptop and my phone.

Illium did finally release an OS X version of eWallet, or at least a beta of it.  I downloaded it and was underwhelmed, now preferring the 1Password interface.  In the end my decision to switch from eWallet to 1Password was based on just a few factors: Completeness of support, interface aesthetics and price.  I already had the desktop version of 1Password and the iPhone version of eWallet.  It looks like it will only be $10 to upgrade to the Mac OSX version of eWallet when it’s released, but it’s even cheaper to buy the iPhone version of 1Password: $5 bucks for the standard version and $8 for the ‘pro’ version which adds a few extra features.
Of course price alone shouldn’t be the main determining factor when buying digital wallet software.  Data security and support are important issues.  eWallet has been well supported on the PC platform, but they haven’t been quick to support the Mac.  I feel more comfortable with the level of support and security updates from Agile right now, so 1Password is the winner for me.  Of course on the PC I suspect eWallet is still one of your best choices for a secure digital wallet.

One more alternative for the windows world is the open source KeePass, which I haven’t tried, but I’ve heard good things about.


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