Identifying the right font


During my dayjob I design and direct animation for tv series and commercials.  Like anyone else who works in graphics or design there are a surprising number of times when I’m called upon to match a font.  In this case the client isn’t sure what font they are using for their identity, but it’s important that it remains the same.  Now you could run through the list of fonts on your machine trying to find the right match, but that can be time consuming and not always successful.  So what’s a poor designer to do?
Enter What the Font, the brilliant online tool to compare and match fonts.  If you have an image of the font you need matched (tif, jpg or gif) you can upload it and quickly get possible matches displayed for you.  This works best if your source image is a greyscale tiff with a letter height of about 100 pixels, but even if your submission doesn’t match those parameters this utility is surprisingly effective.

And if the automated process doesn’t work they have a forum filled with helpful typography enthusiast that can help you identify the correct typeface.  Quick, free and easy to use.  What’s not to like?

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