WTF Apple, could you make the RAM ripoff less obvious?

Traditionally Apple has always charged a premium for RAM on their machines.

And you know what?

That’s fine, I’m ok with paying a bit of a premium for the convenience of having it preinstalled and the ‘just works’ tax is somewhat justified by quality engineering.

And truly, the new Retina iMac is an amazing machine at an amazing price.

So when you start doing your add ons and upgrades I would expect the RAM to cost more than you’d pay at NewEgg or Amazon, but honestly, this?

Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 7.52.22 PM

You’re kidding right?

That last 2 sticks of 8GB ram costs twice as much as the first two sticks?

Without even checking I can tell you it’s not twice as difficult for them to install the last 2 8GB of Ram and the offset for the default 2x4gb doesn’t cover that cost.

Fortunately this beautiful machine does have user upgradeable RAM, unlike the Retina Macbook Pros. So if you want to opt out of the Apple tax on this one it’s still an option.

I guarantee you can get that last 16gb of RAM for a lot less than $400 (Try $136.49)

Thank you Apple for making beautiful reliable machines, please just try to screw us more gently on the RAM upgrades.




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