Questions… and a few answers.

I appreciate the large number of people that post solutions to various technical problems online.

Part of the motivation for creating this site was to try to provide some of this back to the web at large.  I’ve been lucky to have been able to provide a few fixes that a number of people found useful before the companies behind these products finally fixed these issues: first was figuring out how to run a Windows Scansnap on OSx, and the other was figuring out how to upload video from external sources to instagram.

Those threads got a lot of comments, partly from people communicating back and forth figuring out what would work in their situation.  This is part of why I think comments on blogs can be their most useful component.

Like most people who use technology regularly, I run into issues I need to fix or problems I need to solve all the time.  Posting an actual blog posting after the fact is sometimes more effort than it is worth, but I think I’ve found a work around that may enable me to share solutions without a lot of extra work.

We now have a questions and answers section on this site which is open to anyone to use, but I’m going to use it to jot down issues I want to solve and then try to post what works for me there.  If you can help answer anything there it’s greatly appreciated, or is you have a question to ask go for it! If any of these get involved or seem worth expounding on then I’ll convert them into a blog post.

With that we officially open the Tech Envy Questions section!


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