Remarkably tiny collapsible keychain pen is very useful for EDC

Ever needed a pen, but not had one on you? I have.  A smart phone works just fine to jot down information, but sometimes you want to diagram something or leave a note.

2014-10-28 13.02.55The True Utility Telescoping Key Ring Pen fits on your keychain for Everyday Carry, and its compact and lightweight, extending to a comfortable size for writing or doodling. On my keychain it takes up less space than a USB memory key.
Because of it’s size it doesn’t have the greatest ink life, but it does come with refills and a curiously strong water proof case that holds it all.

My initial concerns with the design of this pen was the click in lid – would the pen stay attached to the keychain or would it drop off and get lost?

2014-10-28 13.06.56Well after carrying it for about a year I can happily say those worries were unfounded. The click on lid holds securely, and if you’re the kind of person that occasionally wants to use a pen when there’s none around you already know the benefits of this little gadget.

I got this one off of Amazon, along with a larger version because I feared this one wouldn’t be durable. Fortunately I was wrong and this is the one I carry with me all the time.

All in all a very handy tool to have around and worth the price!

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