Get a Plex Pass now!

Plex is one of the best home media servers – it’s easy to use but powerful and flexible. And if you’ve contemplated getting a Plex Pass you might want to hurry as prices are going up.

As of September 29th 2014 prices are going up as follows:

Monthly Plex Pass subscriptions will increase from $3.99 to
$4.99 per month.
Annual Plex Pass subscriptions will increase from $29.99 to
$39.99 per year.
Lifetime Plex Passes will increase from $74.99 to

I’ve opted for the lifetime Plex Pass and have used it for just over a year so far. Plex Pass makes your home server media available wherever you are.

There are a lot of other features of Plex that I’m simply not making use of, but worldwide access to my media server with transcoding is worth it on it’s own.

I keep a collection of my animation work available on my Mac Mini server, which has come in handy for remote access. It is of course also handy for TV, Movies, Photos and Music.

There are free apps available for most platforms.

Plex is simply excellent and highly recommended!

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